Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. is a demolition and debris removal company servicing the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a family-owned business that started in 2002. LIC no "988312"

Commercial Demolition

With over a decade of demolition, wrecking, and dismantling experience, Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. of San Francisco, CA can handle all of your commercial demolition needs. Whether you need to bring down a single structure or an entire facility, you can count on our commercial demolition contracts to get the job done as quickly, safely, and affordably as possible.

Commercial Demolition Services

Our highly-skilled workforce and fleet of demolition equipment allow us to offer a diverse range of commercial demolition services in the Bay Area. No matter the size and scope of your project, we promise to deliver the demolition services you need while ensuring your complete and total satisfaction. Our commercial demolition services include:

  • Retail locations

  • Office buildings

  • Warehouses

  • Production plants and industrial facilities

  • Shopping centers/strip malls

  • Restaurants

  • Hospitals

  • Parking lots

  • And more!


Q: How much does your service cost?

A: Each commercial demolition job varies in cost based on different factors specific to the project. However, we can say that our services cost much less than our competitor’s advertised prices. We also offer discounts for commercial clients who require regular demolition or junk removal services. Call us today to set up your free on-site estimate.

Q: Are you environmentally-friendly?

A: Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. is committed to being one of the most eco-friendly demolition contractors in San Francisco, CA. We are a Lead-Safe EPA and Green Certified company, and we aim to reuse and recycle at least 85% of all junk we collect. If you are trying to give your business a green makeover, you can be proud to say you partnered with the Bay Area’s most environmentally-conscious demolition company.

Q: Is my business/facility protected during demolition?

A: If our crews aren’t totally demolishing your building, every precaution will be taken to protect any and all surfaces that are to remain. We will also seal off doors, windows, and air ducts to keep dirt and dust from spreading through your business or industrial facility.

Why Peninsula Hauling & Demo?

There are a lot of commercial demolition companies in San Francisco, but none of our competitors come close to offering the same level of service as Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. We are fully accredited to provide demolition services as a licensed, insured, and bonded commercial demolition contractor. We observe the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in all demolition projects we undertake. Contact us online or call us at (650) 596-8105 to request your free demolition or junk removal estimate.

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