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Simple Guide to Residential Demolition

"A Simple Guide  before you plan your Residential Demolition.

  • See to it that you allow a reasonable time for permits before the demolition starts.  There are many regulatory agencies and you need to comply with certain formalities and obtain a demolition permit.  This might entail contacting the state or municipality authorities, the neighborhood planning unit and sometimes even the historic preservation board.
  • Look for an insured demolishing organization and have a written contract drawn out with them.  You must certainly verify the relevant insurance documents or certificates of the company.  It would be best if the demolition company is underwritten by a top insurance carrier."

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Deconstruction: A Green Alternative to Demolition

Typical demolition generates massive amounts of garbage. Fortunately, deconstruction offers a sustainable method to reuse materials and reduce the amount of waste produced.

In this video, you can discover how deconstruction techniques minimize waste. The deconstruction process can help recycle up to 90% of a demolished home’s materials. As a result, deconstruction provides an economic source of building material and reduces the need for landfills. 

Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. is a leading demolition service in the San Francisco area. From swimming pools to strip malls, we specialize in all forms of commercial and residential demolition. Contact us at (650) 596-8105 for more information.

Best Ways To Segregate & Dispose e-Wastes

"Being a good consumer market creates the disadvantage of the emergence of a mountain of electronic waste. The dumping of the electronic wastes in the landfills has resulted in the harmful chemicals in these devices to seep out causing pollution and groundwater contamination. The extent of the damage to the plant and animal life has been found to be horrendous, calling for dire actions to deal with its disposal. This led to the emergence of the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003 in the State of California launched to minimize the hazards arising from the electronic waste disposal."

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Remodeling a Kitchen: Deconstruction vs. Demolition

Worker Troweling Morter on Tile for New Kitchen Backsplash

With construction waste contributing toward nearly half of the nation’s total garbage, it’s important to consider sustainable solutions. This guide illustrates scenarios where deconstruction can save you time and money during a kitchen remodel.

Traditional Demolition Options

Often, remodeling a kitchen requires removal of its interior. If your remodel is primarily cosmetic, then alternative deconstruction methods may help improve job efficiency. Yet for jobs requiring the removal of damaged materials or dangerous substances, complete demolition is advised. Demolition in the kitchen can open up space by removing walls or island counters, especially if you’re installing a new type of countertop. Working with a multifaceted demolition team can help reduce the resulting mess and shorten the bidding process. 

Advantages of Deconstruction

Deconstruction is a movement in the construction industry that seeks to reduce demolition waste. According to studies by the Environmental Protection Agency, over 150 million tons of building materials were trashed during demolition projects in 2003 alone. Deconstruction techniques seek to increase the amount of material that is recollected for future use.

Many professionals agree that over 85% of home materials can be reused in some capacity. Homeowners, wishing to upgrade their current kitchen motif, can reduce material costs by employing eco-friendly deconstruction techniques.

Deconstruction Options

When choosing between deconstruction and demolition, consider the requirements involved in your remodeling project. With a bit of creativity, large sections of your kitchen can be reused. Replacing wooden floors with tile frees up material for new cupboard surfaces. Designer windows and decorative backsplashes can be safely reinstalled in your new kitchen with a bit of forethought and careful deconstruction.

Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. provides swift demolition and sustainable deconstruction services to residents of San Francisco. Bundle your services with our hauling and disposal options to save both time and money. Call us today at (650) 596-8105 to learn more.

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