Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. is a demolition and debris removal company servicing the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a family-owned business that started in 2002. LIC no "988312"

Concrete Removal

Improper concrete pouring can result in catastrophic problems for the home. That’s why this educational video from Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. provides a summary of concrete removal.

Construction professional Chris outlines problems that can be caused by incorrectly installed concrete. He then describes the process through which concrete is marked and prepared for removal. The video also provides information on special online coupons for San Francisco Bay residents!

Ensure that a team of dedicated professionals handles your concrete removal job: Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. will happily haul away objects as diverse as granite, refrigerators, brick, mobile homes, office supplies, lumber, and boulders. Call (650) 596-8105 for a full description of our hauling and demolition services.

Is Your House Haunted?

Upload a picture of your house decorated in Halloween fun! We want to see what your house looks like right now for Halloween. Upload a picture to our Facebook wall!! 

Haunted House - Full Moon

Roof Tear Out

"Peninsula Hauling can neatly tear out a roof by using simple specialized tools like tear-off shovel that boast of a fulcrum welded to the back of their shovel heads. The tear-off shovel pry out the oldest and the most stubborn shingles and their nails, thereby reducing the time invested on tearing out the roof. A professional must be allowed to carry out this process as unfavorable incidents like flying shingles and uncontrolled collapse of any section of the roof can be avoided."

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