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Remodeling Your Home – Article Resources to Get You Started

Before setting charges or swinging a sledgehammer, consider the full timeline of your remodel. A full-service hauling and demolition company can greatly reduce costs and labor for your next remodeling project. Visit these resources or call Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. at (650) 596-8105 to learn more.

  • Learn more about how deconstruction differs from demolition with this helpful State of Connecticut environmental protection resource.
  • educates homeowners on the best times to deconstruct the home using soft strip techniques.
  • explores why many new foreclosed homes are being remodeled with energy-saving deconstruction methods.
  • The Joplin Globe reports on how junk haulers provide necessary debris removal services after a natural disaster.

roofers are working on the roof

Commercial and Residential Hauling

Using a professional hauling service can help guarantee that your commercial or residential waste finds its way to the right place. The following guide allows consumers to decide if they require the expertise of professional haulers.

Home and Office Remodeling

Reliable and convenient hauling services can improve the efficiency of most commercial and resident remodeling projects. When repairing office drywall or removing flood-damaged floors, excess materials will need a place to go. Even upgrading an office with a new set of chairs or computers can produce thousands of pounds of unwanted waste.

Remodeling a home also results in a large volume of additional building material. For example, retiling a kitchen produces a large amount of heavy ceramic waste. Even outdoor remodeling projects, like pools or fire pits, result in large amounts of surplus dirt. By scheduling a next-day pick up with a professional hauling service, homeowners can quickly remove remodeling eyesores.

Responsible Junk Removal

Abandoned appliances and garbage can clutter city streets and create health hazards. Some junk can cause even more harm if sent to the wrong destination. Electronic waste makes up a large percentage of the total volume of American landfills, but the same computers and phones can leak dangerous substances if not properly disposed of. Employing a reliable hauling service ensures that your items are safely removed.

Choosing the Right Hauler

Hauling services have grown in popularity over the last few years. Evaluate your local choices with the following criteria to make a smart hauling decision: prioritize reputation and experience, and look for companies that provide multiple construction services—bundling these tasks can lead to big savings for home and business owners.

Don’t let leftover dirt, office furniture, or residential junk pollute your street or business. Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. specializes in prompt hauling services for San Francisco homes and businesses. Reach us at (650) 596-8105 for more information on our green hauling and deconstruction services.

Garage CleanOut

"Cleaning out the garage can be a nostalgic task. As you sift through your life’s worth of big and small memoirs within the walls of the garage, one tends to be overwhelmed by the memories that come flooding back. Even without all the flashbacks, cleaning out a garage is a taxing process."

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Dangerous and Disorganized Home Storage Area

Deconstruction: Why this is Becoming the Most Popular Way to Remodel Homes

Hard Hat Area

Demolition can pollute the air and add thousands of pounds to our landfills. Respect the environment and reduce spending with deconstruction remodeling.

Deconstruction Basics

Though deconstruction shares its safety and licensing processes with traditional demolition, the goals of each are far removed. While demolition contractors seek to raze an old building to the ground, deconstruction specialists work to efficiently remove usable materials intact.

Soft strip deconstruction refers to the removal of custom installations like decorative interior doors, mood light fixtures, and vulnerable flooring materials. Full deconstruction encapsulates a full disassembling of home building materials, piping, and insulation. Usable items are recycled for new projects or donated to charity, while hazardous materials are cautiously removed and responsibly disposed of. 

Remodeling Possibilities

Deconstruction offers a number of distinct advantages that should be considered before any remodeling project. If your remodeling job is similar in style or material to the current area, materials recovered during deconstruction can offset your costs significantly. Tax deductions for recycled materials can also be calculated against building expenses. In addition, deconstruction allows homeowners to reuse existing appliance hook-ups and cut further remodeling expenditures. The hands-on approach of deconstruction reduces emissions from the remodeling process, so homeowners looking for a green alternative to wasteful demolition should consider this gentler option.

When to Choose Deconstruction

Not all demolition jobs lend themselves to efficient deconstruction. Sites with a high volume of hazardous or toxic materials may produce few reusable materials. Use the tax-deductible value of possible recovered materials and expected labor intensity to estimate the cost of deconstruction. Compare this price to the cost of traditional demolition to determine which method is better for your remodeling needs.

Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. brings low-emission deconstruction services to the San Francisco area. Call (650) 596-8105 for more information on efficient home deconstruction and sustainable remodeling strategies.

Complete House Demolition

"It takes but a few seconds to reduce a house to rubble. However, without proper prior planning, demolishing a house will turn out to be the toughest thing you ever did. There are numerous aspects to be deliberated over before hiring a bull dozer to raze the house to the ground."

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