Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. is a demolition and debris removal company servicing the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a family-owned business that started in 2002. LIC no "988312"

How Our Heavy Hauling Services Can Help You

Do you have concrete, metal, or other heavy materials that you need to have hauled off your property? You will need to use heavy hauling services to get it done. By working with a company that provides hauling services near San Francisco, CA, you can haul just about anything away.

Not all hauling companies are equipped to haul items like concrete or metal. In order to do it, a hauling company needs to use specialized equipment. The company also needs to have a wealth of experience when it comes to hauling and the knowledge to be able to haul items away quickly and carefully without disrupting a demolition project. Safety also needs to be a top priority during heavy hauling since any number of things could potentially go wrong during the process.

Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc., a family-owned business that has been around since 2002, can provide heavy hauling services for you or your business. Call us at (650) 596-8105 and we will send one of our heavy hauling trucks to you right away.

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