Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. is a demolition and debris removal company servicing the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a family-owned business that started in 2002. LIC no "988312"

What to Expect from Peninsula Hauling and Demolition

When you work with Peninsula Hauling and Demolition, we try to provide the best service we possibly can. If you call us for hauling, demolition, or eco-friendly deconstruction services, here's what you can expect from our business:

  • We offer the best junk removal, hauling and demolition services in the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
  • We are a green (lead-safe EPA-certified) company deeply committed in turning garbage removal into a green initiative that protects and preserves the environment.
  • We recycle nearly ALL of the garbage we collect.
  • We have the lowest price rates on garbage removal services in the entire Bay Area.
  • You can call us for a free quote at 1-650-596-8105 or request an estimate online. You will save $20 off your booking charges by filling out our online form.
  • We provide fast and prompt hauling & demolition services. We provide same day services for calls made before 9am
  • We have the friendliest staff to provide you with a rewarding experience, and an equally professional team of experts to get the job done.
  • We have the resources to remove, haul and demolish practically any type of debris excluding hazardous waste. With 11 vehicles, 1 bobcat excavator, 2 estimators and 20 odd strong bilingual crew members, we are confident that we can handle any challenge.

Once you have contacted us through phone or via our online form, we either schedule to meet you at your property to assess you junk removal needs. Or you can send us an email to with a photo of the job that you want removed off your property. Our trained staff will evaluate your garbage removal needs and will immediately contact you with an accurate estimate.

We know your time is valuable and you never have to wait endlessly after you have scheduled for an estimate

  • For the calls placed before 9am we will be able to provide the same day service or any other day that you find convenient.

Why Should You Consider Eco-Friendly Deconstruction?

Eco-friendly deconstructionCan you imagine demolition to become friendly and money-saving? Well, it is not far away from reality! We are proud to introduce green demolition in the host of services we offer to you!

What Is Deconstruction?

You must be wondering ‘what is the meaning of green demolition? How can demolition be nature friendly?’ This is where our deconstruction plan comes into the picture.

Deconstruction is a process for salvaging materials in which some of the useful materials in your house are first removed before the actual demolition of the entire physical structure. These salvaged materials can be of use for other construction projects or as fixtures while they also let you save on the net demolition cost.

You might have really liked the doors and windows in your house. The chandeliers, fixtures, frames, French doors, cabinets, rocks and marbles that added beauty to your house can all be removed prior to complete or partial demolition and reused at a later date. Deconstruction provides a wonderful opportunity to re-use many of the materials which are in usable condition in your house.

What Items Can Be Saved?

A wide range of materials including antique plumbing, broilers, electrical, interior and exterior doors, flooring, lighting, toilets, stair care entries, security vaults, wrought iron and lumber can be salvaged through deconstruction. Imagine how much you would save from elevators and garage doors if they could be reclaimed from your old house!

Many things in your house including windows, doors, columns, mantles, lighting, hardware, garden items, carpets, pipes and bathroom fixtures might be in reusable condition. Along with TRP, we work to salvage these components of your house so that they can be recycled, reused, repaired and restored while waste can be reduced effectively. With some help from us, you can resurrect them and use them at a later date.

In many cases, the tax donation that you will receive in return for the salvaged materials taken from your house will account for more than eighty percent of the total expenditure estimated for the deconstruction procedure. This way you would save a considerable amount, at least a few thousand dollars by opting for deconstruction rather than demolition.

Not only this, the salvaged materials can be resurrected and reused for your own needs in a new house or sold for tax benefits and this way, you are actually contributing to an initiative to be more eco-friendly!

With Us, You Can Be Guaranteed:

  • a substantial tax donation to compensate for your expenditure,
  • recycled, repaired and reusable salvaged materials that even you could use for your own future needs,
  • safe and neat job,
  • contributing to a go green initiative through environment friendly, re-usable salvaged material,
  • better returns from salvaged materials as we network to find others who need what you have.

Now that you know what deconstruction is all about, call us anytime to sort any queries you may have. You never know how the common things in your house can add value to your savings through reuse!

Go for green demolition and experience the joy of contributing to an eco-friendly environment.

Junk Removal Tips for Your Home

Junk hauling San FranciscoJunk and waste can quickly build up and create a major cleaning problem in a home. If your home is suffering from a junk issue, you may want to consider scheduling Junk Removal near San Francisco, CA. With hauling services from a reputable junk removal business, you will be able to free up storage and living space in your home in no time. To highlight the advantages of hauling services, here are some junk removal tips for your home.

Tackle One Section at a Time

When you are working with a hauling service to remove junk, it may be daunting to consider cleaning out the entire house at once. To ease your stress and streamline the junk removal process, it is a great idea to plan junk removal in stages. Working on one room at a time will ensure that the task remains organized and manageable.

Consider What Items Should be Kept

While it may be tempting to do a clean sweep of the home, you may want to take the time to consider whether any of your junk items should be kept. If an object or item is valuable or used on a routine basis, it may have a place in the home. Unused items or trash can easily be tossed.

Hire a Reputable Company

When you are embarking on a junk removal project, it is a great idea to work with a reputable hauling and junk company in your local area. With the help of a team of experienced professionals, you will be able to complete your junk removal in no time.

To schedule junk removal services near San Diego, be sure to contact Peninsula Hauling and Demolition. We proudly provide our residential and commercial customers in the local area with highly rated hauling and demolition services. Call us at (650) 596-8105 to set up a consultation and learn about all of the great services that we have to offer you.

A Look at a Demolition Project

Demolition is used to clear land and space for new buildings. If you are planning a construction project, you should be sure to consult with a demolition contractor in San Francisco, CA. A company that specializes in hauling and demolition will be able to safely and effectively plan and execute every stage of your demolition. For a look at a demolition project, check out this video from CGEO ANG.

To learn more about the junk removal and demolition services that are available near you, contact Peninsula Hauling and Demolition by calling (650) 596-8105. Whether you have a building that you need to demolition, or are seeking hauling services for your business, we offer a full range of convenient services to help you.

A Look at Some Incredible Facts About Recycling

Recycling San FranciscoRecycling is one of the best ways to improve the environmental impact of your home or business. When you are planning on recycling near San Francisco, it is important to make sure that you have all of the information you need to get the most out of your debris removal. A commercial trucking company offering hauling services can assist you with any recycling project that you may have planned. To highlight the benefits of recycling, ere are some amazing recycling facts.

Americans Create Tons of Waste

When you are considering recycling at your home or business, you may be surprised to learn just how much waste is tossed on an annual basis. In fact, Americans create an astonishing 200 million tons of waste. Among this 200 million tons of waste includes 28 billion bottles that could have easily been recycled.

Many Household Items Can Be Recycled

Recycling is an incredibly convenient means for getting rid of many different types of unwanted household items. For example, in past decades, it has been measured that 102 billion aluminum cans were recycled annually. By placing these items in recycling containers, you can help to free up space in landfills.

Grocery Bags Consume Excess Resources

Some of the items that you use on a routine basis consume large amounts of resources. For example, in order to create 700 grocery bags, a 15 year old tree must be cut down and processed. By recycling your grocery bags, you can help to preserve the forest and its inhabitants.

For more information and tips about recycling, be sure to contact Peninsula Hauling and Demo. Our company offers both garbage hauling and recycling assistance, and we can help you create a strategic waste management plan for your home or commercial building. To hear more about the great services that we provide to the San Francisco area, call us at (650) 596-8105.

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