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    Understanding Eco-Friendly Deconstruction

    Last updated 1 day 13 hours ago

    Deconstruction is a form of demolition that salvages useful materials, rather than hauling everything to a dump or landfill. Eco-friendly deconstruction offers you the option of either reusing certain components of your property in the future or sending recyclable components to be remade into new products. In either case, deconstruction is an eco-friendly choice because it reuses or recycles many building components instead of requiring the use of new materials. When you choose eco-friendly deconstruction, you can save and reuse anything from windows, doors, countertops, and flooring to fixtures, lighting, lumber, and other raw materials such as stone, wrought iron, and tile. Deconstruction can also make use of HVAC equipment and other appliances. By making eco-friendly deconstruction a part of your demolition process, you’ll save money on the cost of your new property while reducing the amount of waste that goes into your local landfill.

    Peninsula Hauling & Demo is pleased to offer eco-friendly deconstruction as one of our many residential and commercial demolition services in San Mateo. We can help you save money and save the environment with our Earth-friendly attitudes and practices. Check us out online or call (650) 489-0226 for more information about hauling, demolition, and deconstruction in the Bay Area. 

    Tips for Organizing Your Garage

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Garages can easily become repositories for items you don’t know where or how else to store in your home. Overcrowding can easily lead to disorganization that could damage items or leave you with no room to park your car. Fortunately, there is help. This video offers some basic tips for organizing your garage.

    Throw away items that cannot be repaired or reused. If necessary, contact a hauling service for larger items. Use hooks, shelves, pegboards, and other vertical storage options to reclaim the floor space in your garage for your car and other large items.

    Are you ready to organize your San Francisco garage? Let Peninsula Hauling & Demo help you with junk removal and hauling services. Contact us today by calling (650) 489-0226 to find out how we can help you with your next residential or commercial project. You can also find more information and tips on organizing, recycling, and demolition on our blog

    Use This App to Get the Most Out of Your Recycling!

    Last updated 15 days ago

    If you want to recycle but don’t know where or how to start, the iRecycle app is perfect for you. You can use iRecycle to find more than 1,600,000 ways to recycle over 350 materials. All you have to do is provide your current location, zip code, address, or city to see collection points near you. You can even share your recycling enthusiasm with the iRecycle app by connecting through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and SMS. To find out more about the iRecycle app, which has been named the iTunes “App of the Week” more than five times, click the link.

    At Peninsula Hauling & Demo of the San Francisco Bay Area, we are serious about sustainability. We reuse most of the things we salvage, and recycle approximately 75 percent of the garbage we collect. To learn more about our green junk removal and demolition service, call us at (650) 489-0226 or visit our website.

    Deciding Whether to Demolish or Renovate a Building

    Last updated 23 days ago

    Is your home or office in need of an update? Renovation allows you to make changes within your existing space, while demolition essentially wipes the slate clean so you can start anew. The decision whether to renovate or demolish your property should take into account a variety of factors, including time, convenience, and cost. Read on for a closer look at two of the most important factors when deciding whether to demolish or renovate.


    In most cases, cost is the ultimate determining factor in whether you choose demolition or renovation. Changes such as new cabinetry, appliances, and counter layouts can be made within an existing space easily, making renovation the better choice. However, if you are unhappy with many aspects of the overall layout of your property or there are significant concerns that must be addressed to bring your property up to modern safety standards, you may save more money by demolishing the property and starting from the ground up. Furthermore, if you must remove a significant number of load-bearing components that will need replacement during your renovation, demolition may be the more cost-effective choice


    Convenience can also play a role in the decision to demolish versus renovate. If you are pressed for time, a renovation will generally take less time to complete than a complete demolition and rebuilding of your property. If you are limited by property boundaries, it may also be more beneficial to renovate rather than rebuild. However, keep in mind that extensive renovations can be time-consuming, especially if you must work around certain structural considerations. Additionally, it may be more inconvenient to renovate multiple rooms separately or in stages than to demolish the property and build every space to your specific preferences. Designing your property specifically to suit your needs exactly will result in a much more convenient and comfortable space to live or work.

    Whether you choose to demolish or renovate your property, Peninsula Hauling & Demo can help with demolition, hauling, and deconstruction services in San Mateo, San Jose, San Francisco, and the rest of the Bay Area. You can reach us by calling (650) 489-0226 or clicking on our web contact form. Visit our website to learn more about our hauling and demolition services. 

    A Guide to Recycling Some Common Household Items

    Last updated 26 days ago

    Household recycling has become a commonplace practice, providing an eco-friendly alternative to throwing away items that can be reused. There are a wide variety of household items that can be recycled, either through your city or by bringing them to specialized facilities. Peninsula Hauling & Demo can help with your household recycling efforts with our Bay Area hauling services. We would also like to provide the following tips for recycling some common household items.


    Paper is one of the most commonly-recycled household items. Virtually all types of paper can be recycled through your city recycling program, including most cardboard products. The only types of paper that are typically not recyclable are specialized papers, such as wax paper and metallic wrapping paper. You can save room when recycling boxes by breaking them down or cutting them into smaller pieces before placing them in your recycling bin.


    Plastics are often recyclable, but your city may only accept certain types of plastics for recycling. All recyclable plastic products are printed with a number; check with your city to find out which plastics are accepted and which are not. PET and HDPE (plastics numbered one and two) are the most commonly-recycled plastic products. Keep in mind that even large plastic items may be recyclable, including children’s toys.

    Larger Items

    Larger items such as car batteries, tires, and used electronics can often be recycled as well. However, these items may need to be hauled or transported to a specialized facility for recycling. For example, many electronics stores will accept used electronics and components for recycling, even if your city will not take them. Tire retailers will often take used tires for recycling into other materials as well. Car batteries should be taken to a dealership or auto parts store for recycling.

    Nearly anything from household items to the structural components that make up your home can be recycled and reused. Peninsula Hauling & Demo is committed to promoting a healthier, more sustainable environment. Call us at (650) 489-0226 or visit us online to learn more about our hauling, recycling, and eco-friendly deconstruction service in San Francisco. 

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