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    Why Lead Paint Removal is a Must for Your Child's Health

    Last updated 1 day 14 hours ago

    Before 1978, lead was a common additive in most consumer and commercial paints. This heavy metal is toxic to humans, and can be especially problematic to children. Lead dust is very sweet, so children often consume the toxic material. Lead poisoning can result in poor mental and physical development, as well as poor oral health. To learn more about the dangers of lead paint, watch this video from Dr. Stephen Wilson of Mercy Health’s Forest Park Internal Medicine & Pediatrics.

    If your home was built before 1978, check to make sure none of the walls in your home are painted using lead paint. Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. can help you tear down any walls that are saturated with lead dust and safely haul away any materials that may have come into contact with lead paint or lead dust. To learn more about our demolition and hauling services, call us at (650) 489-0226. 

    Design Inspiration for Your Kitchen Remodel

    Last updated 8 days ago

    If you’re planning a kitchen remodel for your home, there are many factors that affect how your kitchen’s new construction will meet your needs. Concentrate first on the areas you use most, then work outward to design a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetically-pleasing. Don’t forget to schedule demolition and hauling services prior to your projected start date to help your remodel proceed on schedule.

    Small Makeovers

    Even if you’re not ready for a big construction project, a small kitchen makeover can have a big impact on the way you view this room. Start with minor changes such as new paint, backsplashes, light fixtures, and appliances. Rather than remove and replace your cabinets, try refinishing them and adding new hardware for a fresh, updated look. Changing these simple aspects can drastically transform your kitchen without turning into an overwhelming construction project for your home.

    Larger Makeovers

    If you’re ready to take on a larger construction project, start by replacing your flooring and countertops for a dramatic change. You can even save your current floor and countertops to be used elsewhere in your home, or have them hauled away to be recycled in other homes. Replacing your cabinets is another large construction project that will completely change the look of your kitchen. When making larger changes, keep in mind that you’ll want ample storage and counter space to improve the functionality of your kitchen. Customized hidden storage has become extremely popular in recent years, offering a stylish way to cut down on clutter in the kitchen to maximize cooking and entertaining space. Other great construction ideas for more involved kitchen remodels include creating a built-in bar or breakfast nook to increase floor space while enhancing your dining experience.

    Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. is a family-owned business offering residential demolition and hauling services to make your kitchen or bathroom remodel a snap. Contact us today by calling (650) 489-0226 to learn more about our current specials and offers. You can find more design inspiration and tips for your home remodeling and construction projects on our blog.

    Review for Peninsula Hauling and Demolition

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    • Brought them back for some junk hauling. Quick and efficient. It also helped that our junk was in a neat pile ready for them to toss into their truck.

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      Amy L.

    Add Functionality to Your Kitchen with a Remodeling Project

    Last updated 15 days ago

    Are you planning a remodeling project to enhance the look of your kitchen? While you’re improving the aesthetics of your kitchen, keep in mind that there are many ways to increase the functionality of this room as well.

    This video provides an overview of the four most basic kitchen designs: island, galley, U-shaped, and L-shaped kitchens. You will learn how to use design software to visualize your construction project before you begin. Make sure the items you use most are easy for you to access to achieve the greatest functionality in this important area of your home.

    If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or any other area of your home, let Peninsula Hauling and Demo, Inc. help your project go more smoothly. We offer demolition and hauling services for homes and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Call (650) 489-0226 or visit our website to learn more. 

    Examining Some Different Rigging Methods

    Last updated 24 days ago

    Cranes are designed to lift and move heavy loads during construction and demolition operations. A crane’s rigging is the attachment that holds and balances the load to ensure mobility, efficiency, and safety. There are many different methods for rigging a crane, each designed to handle a different type of load.

    Single-Leg Rigging Method

    The single-leg rigging method uses a single-leg crane sling attached to the load tightly at only one point. Using this rigging method requires careful calculation of the load’s weight and center of balance to prevent slipping during movement. The single-leg rigging method is primarily used to move lighter construction materials and loads because these are more easily controlled using only one point of contact.

    Two-Leg Rigging Method

    A two-leg rigging method utilizes a two-leg sling that is attached to the construction load at two points. When this type of rigging is connected, the sling forms a triangle with the apex attached to the crane and the legs supporting the load. The two-leg method is best for handling long, thin loads that require the extra stability and safety a single-leg sling cannot provide. No knowledge of the load’s center of gravity is required to use this rigging method.

    Three-Leg Rigging Method

    The three-leg rigging method is used for lifting heavy or circular construction loads. Using a three-leg sling provides additional stability when handling round objects that could not be achieved with only one or two points of contact. The three-leg method is the safest and most stable method for rigging a crane because it distributes the weight of the load over the three legs of the sling, reducing the likelihood of breakage as loads are moved.

    Do you need help with demolition or hauling of construction materials for your next project? Peninsula Hauling & Demo, Inc. has been providing top-quality tear-down, demolition, hauling, and recycling services in the San Francisco area since 2002. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your residential or commercial project, click through our website to view a list of our services or call (650) 489-0226 today!

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