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A Look at Some Incredible Facts About Recycling

Recycling San FranciscoRecycling is one of the best ways to improve the environmental impact of your home or business. When you are planning on recycling near San Francisco, it is important to make sure that you have all of the information you need to get the most out of your debris removal. A commercial trucking company offering hauling services can assist you with any recycling project that you may have planned. To highlight the benefits of recycling, ere are some amazing recycling facts.

Americans Create Tons of Waste

When you are considering recycling at your home or business, you may be surprised to learn just how much waste is tossed on an annual basis. In fact, Americans create an astonishing 200 million tons of waste. Among this 200 million tons of waste includes 28 billion bottles that could have easily been recycled.

Many Household Items Can Be Recycled

Recycling is an incredibly convenient means for getting rid of many different types of unwanted household items. For example, in past decades, it has been measured that 102 billion aluminum cans were recycled annually. By placing these items in recycling containers, you can help to free up space in landfills.

Grocery Bags Consume Excess Resources

Some of the items that you use on a routine basis consume large amounts of resources. For example, in order to create 700 grocery bags, a 15 year old tree must be cut down and processed. By recycling your grocery bags, you can help to preserve the forest and its inhabitants.

For more information and tips about recycling, be sure to contact Peninsula Hauling and Demo. Our company offers both garbage hauling and recycling assistance, and we can help you create a strategic waste management plan for your home or commercial building. To hear more about the great services that we provide to the San Francisco area, call us at (650) 596-8105.

Keeping Our Staff and Equipment Moving

Any organization with a large fleet of trucks such as ours experiences a truck or equipment malfunction once in a while, but a breakdown can be devastating for our business and your project. Imagine a break down with a full crew at a work site, putting us hours or days behind schedule; not acceptable! We have a new service truck that puts our men and equipment back on its track in no time.

For Demolition and Hauling jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area call us at 650 596 8105

Spotlight on Heavy Hauling Services

When you are planning a major demolition or construction project, you may require hauling services that go above and beyond the ordinary. For this reason, Peninsula Hauling and Demolition proudly offers heavy hauling services to our customers. When you set up heavy hauling in San Francisco, CA, for your construction site, you will be able to remove all types of construction debris. We will set you up with a heavy duty dumpster that is designed to withstand heavy loads. From concrete to dirt, sand, and construction debris, there is no material that is too tough for our heavy haulers to handle.

For more information about the great green hauling services that await you when you work with Peninsula Hauling and Demolition, be sure to contact our offices in San Francisco by calling (650) 596-8105. For more than a decade, we have proudly served our customers throughout the Bay Area with the best hauling and junk removal services available.

The Building Demolition Process

Demolition bay areaIf you are planning on scheduling demolition serving San Francisco, you may be curious to see the commercial demolition process in action. During a demolition, care is taken to make sure that the building is brought down safely. In order to demolish a tall building, a building demolition company will carefully remove waste and debris, while providing support to the remaining floors. For a closer look at construction debris removal and demolition, check out this video from CNN.

When you are looking for a top rated demolition contractor in San Francisco, be sure to contact Peninsula Hauling & Demo. We offer a full range of commercial and residential demolition services, and we will ensure that your project is eco-friendly. To learn more about green demolition services , call us at (650) 830-3688.

What Can You Expect From Peninsula Hauling & Demo?

Peninsula hauling Bay areaWhether you are planning a commercial demolition project, or are seeking quality junk removal services, you can put your trust in Peninsula Hauling & Demo for trucking near San Francisco, CA. We proudly provide our customers with top rated hauling and disposal services. From pool demolition to junk removal, our technicians are able to perform all types of hauling services. When you work with our highly regarded waste disposal company, you can also feel great knowing that we offer services that are friendly to the environment. With our commitment to green hauling and demolition, we are helping to protect the planet Earth.

To learn more about the advantages of scheduling services with Peninsula Hauling & Demo , be sure to get in touch with our office in San Francisco. Our company has the equipment and resources needed to complete your hauling project to perfection. For an estimate for your project, call us at (650) 830-3688.

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